The Art of The One Night Stand ! How to get Consistent Results With Girls !

How to get Consistent Results With Girls ! The Art of The One Night Stand

There it is. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did making it.

One night stands are amazing guys, you can even turn these into relationships.

Do not go out expecting a one night stand, but you can go out knowing it may happen.

When you go out just keep in mind you are single and ready to mingle, have fun and if you get the opportunity with the girl you like, take it all the way.

In any particular night there will be many girls in the venue,  some are able to go home with you that same night if you play it well, some are not able to maybe because they have a boyfriend, they got to do something the next day, or simply they are just not in for it.  Understand that is okay, the best thing you can do is persist intelligently and judge the situation.  Do not spend too much time if you see the girl is standoffish, chances are you are better off moving on and you might meet one that is more down.  You will learn to screen these girls through experience, that is why I suggest going out and just being social and developing an intuition for this.  Good luck guys – Laz

Here is some motivation !

Now go get em tiger !

The Art of The One Night Stand


 The Art of The One Night Stand – What is Screening? – Tw1sted

(This might be too advanced if you are just starting off)

Screening is the basic concept of seeing if the woman is sexually available at the time or not.  If you are solely focused for a one night stand then you can’t care for rejection and you focus on seeing if the girl is sexually available or not, if she isn’t then you just move to the next one. While doing this you might get rejected ALOT but it is perfectly normal. You cannot care about being rejected and the thought of being rejected cannot be in your mind.

In my opinion screening for one night stands is more of a mindset, it is made to scare unavailable girls off.  This is a numbers game, anyone who tries to sell you a product saying that there techniques are 100% rejection proof is full of shit and probably does not go out. The best part of practicing this is that it will build a massive amount of confidence by doing this and it will transfer to all other aspects of your life in my opinion.

In order to do this, you have to be slightly more agressive then usual by adding more physical contact. What you are trying to figure out is “is this girl sexually available”?.  If she isn’t then on to the next one.  “You are here to get laid not entertain”.  The reason why this is so important to finding a good canditate for a one night stand is because by the fact that you are being more physical, you are not going to waste your entire night hanging on to one girl and won’t get the “Well, it was nice to meet you”.

Usually it is the woman that screens the guy, try to switch it around and you screen the woman. Be witty but don’t do anything stupid that will get you slapped or worse. Good luck guys.


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